Services to support your Learner-centered Journey 

Our competency based framework guides districts along a reflective journey through the essential components of CBE to support the shift to a personalized, relevant, and rigorous system of teaching and learning.

The journey through the core components helps districts determine how various levels of the system support both the design and delivery of integrated learning pathways that foster student achievement and agency.

  • School-based targeted training with on-site coaching and virtual follow up built to your calendar
  • Personalized feedback loops at the earliest stage of implementation within learner-led culture establishing and celebrating strong instructional practice
  • Standards and Competency alignment mapped to customized learner progressions and skill-level proficiencies creating a coherent and comprehensive learner journey

Receive a sample LiFT Journey Roadmap:

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  • The journey will commence with a CBE readiness and capacity audit that will focus on identifying areas of opportunity to build among a coalition of the willing. This needs-based approach results in cross-district training aligning shifts in culture, policy, and instructional design.

Initial Climb

  • Virtual support will supplement in-person sessions giving opportunities for reflection and feedback promoting enduring understanding. We’ll work with your team to capture moments of discovery to share and support the growth through engaging site visits and customized virtual support.

Cruising Altitude

  • As our work continues, we’ll support your alignment between core academic standards and overarching skills, knowledge, and dispositions. The end result will be a school/districts skills framework which serves as the DNA in a CBE portfolio assessment system.


Solutions for Success

Site Based Readiness Audit

Organizational evidence is collected to gain a complete systemic view of both the internal and external factors of the system ensuring fidelity of Implementation

  • Each site visited will receive a full report that identifies observed strengths, challenges, and next steps.
  • All data and evidence collected will be shared with action items and strategies for growth and improvement.
Cross District Training

Considering outcomes of readiness audit, a strategic implementation is accelerated and deepened across stakeholders

  • Designed around the needs identified, a customized Professional Develop plan aligned to your existing strategic plan is implemented.
  • Considerate of existing initiatives, a relationship-based approach helps to remedy a ‘one more thing’ mindset and build momentum.
Virtual Training and Support

Coaching follow-up sessions built around your schedule

  • In-person meetings with teachers in their classrooms to observe and conference with students, collect data, and offer targeted feedback.
  • Personalized support for teachers with guidance for successful implementation of the tools and strategies gained from professional development training.
Instructional Design Alignment

Through workshop, coaching, and platform implementation, teachers move towards a learner-led approach where students engage with projects mapped to competencies or skills.

Standards and Competency Mapping

A personalized Competency Learning model requires alignment between academic and personal competencies and standards. Mapping the relationship to a cohesive skills framework will build transparency and agency for students in the learning experience. 

live training and support

Continuous learning programs are made available to the LiFT community on a rolling basis with differentiated focus areas including but not limited to CBE implementation, PBL instructional design, and Operation of a Portrait of a Graduate. Whether in-person or virtual, the LiFT Learning team is standing by.

 LiFT works with educators to help them realize and achieve goals, from planning your roadmap to consistently utilizing learner-centered best-practices, to celebrating success as learners build essential skills and learn how to learn.


The CBE Accelerator

This 6-week program is designed for emerging school leaders to further develop the school’s vision of building a CBE environment with a focus on policies governing time, feedback cycles and the learning process, and learner-centered practices in classrooms such as Project-Based Learning.

What’s included:

Weekly 1 hour small group sessions on a focused topic

Personalized consultation to your vision and needs

Supporting resources on Deeper Competency-Based Learning

Next Steps

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