Comprehensive services to schools and districts embracing learner-centered systems.

Educators and learners collaborating in some dynamic way

We help schools unleash agency, embrace authentic assessments, and encourage self-direction with Competency-Based Education

We can help bring your vision to life wherever you are in the cycle of design, planning, and iteration.

Live Training


Our 6-week virtual accelerator programs are designed to keep teams moving along the path of transformation:

  • Review foundational CBE & Learner-centered concepts
  • Create a personalized action plan
  • Enjoy 1:1 support as you build your CBE playbook


Our experienced team facilitates personalized services to advance your learner-centered vision, including:

  • Strategic planning & Readiness audits
  • Alignment & Competency frameworks
  • Program development & Curriculum mapping

Implementation & Iteration

Whether you’re up and running, or you’re designing your first pilot, it helps to have a partner who’s been in your shoes. We offer practical help:

  • Pilot design & Coaching
  • Progress monitoring & Insight gathering
  • A LiFT sandbox to see your instructional model at work

For those seeking supporting technology, LiFT offers a customizable project-based learning and portfolio assessment platform designed to bring clarity, coherence and efficiency to schools and districts committed to CBE.


When our district shut down schools as a result of COVID 19, we carried on without skipping a beat because we had LiFT. Since then we’ve gotten more and more proficient at designing blended, project-based learning that leverage student interests and passions.

Mike Glenn, Principal
Silver Creek high School

Our teachers are all at different places in their effort to make our competencies meaningful. What ultimately led to the decision to take LiFT schoolwide was the flexibility for teachers to use LiFT at different levels of depth.

Lauren Jones, Director of Career and Technical Programs
Greater Lawrence Technical School

LiFT® has been an amazing part of our Journey empowering teachers and learners! Instead of having to change instruction to fit the LMS, LiFT helps us do what we really want to do. We are so excited for the work we are doing with LiFT!

Monica White, Co-founder
Elevate Academy