“The LiFT team has been an invaluable thought partner in helping us create best practices that will allow the structure of our curriculum to grow and adapt along with our school."

Eric Oglesbee, Ph.D., Co-Founder of River Montessori High School (IN)

Our Approach

We're committed to your ultimate success by strengthening your capacity to deliver on the promise of learner-centered education. Our growth partnerships with schools are defined by authentic relationships, sustained by open communication, and grounded in practical solutions.

  • Personalized Attention

    We provide personalized attention to the needs of our school partners throughout LiFT onboarding and implementation to optimize the platform for your needs.

  • Strategic & Tactical Understanding

    We take the time to understand your instructional model, skills framework and goals, and then take a deep dive into your technology ecosystem. We like to advocate for meaningful accountability that doesn’t lose sight of agency, relationship and great feedback at the learner level.

  • Framework Design

    We’ll work with you to design and implement your ideal skills framework, providing exemplars and making recommendations that will save valuable time and effort during your school launch.

  • Training & Support

    We provide a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your success with LiFT, including Facilitator Guides, Virtual Trainings, an expansive online Knowledge Center and personalized support.

  • Alignment Checks

    We make sure we stay aligned to your vision with frequent check-ins. Consider LiFT Learning as your thought partner, sounding board, connector, and resident problem solver.

  • Customization

    We are an agile, responsive team and strive to prioritize real needs in the field. If there are custom features that will improve delivery on your mission, we can build then to your specifications. We are committed to offering as much flexibility as possible to fit your current practice while providing options to continually evolve.

We’re passionate educators who believe in the power of learner-centered education. In a unique yet practical way, we've created LiFT to capture the interconnectedness of lived experience, knowledge and skill to elevate the educational experience.