Frequently Asked Questions

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

CBE is a method of learning that respects the unique pace and approach each student requires to develop essential skills. CBE is personalized, flexible, and performance-oriented. It emphasizes and encourages the demonstration of essential skills applied not just in the classroom, but in any real-world situation. 

What are the benefits to CBE?

The individualized and flexible approach of CBE provides teachers, specialists, and mentors a clear picture of how to adapt instruction whether a student is at home, in school, or on the job.  Students appreciate the personalized learning experience, teachers appreciate the ability to intervene on student needs early, and society benefits from having skilled workers prepared for employment.

What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

Within the PBL model, educators adopt a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge. Sometimes associated with inquiry-based learning or learning by doing, PBL is an effective tool that has been shown to improve learning outcomes.

What if we aren’t fully a CBE or PBL school yet?

That’s ok! The LiFT team and platform are here to evolve with you and help your team make the transition. With coaching from experts in the field, we will help your teachers adopt tangible action steps they can implement right away without disrupting their curriculum. The platform can be used for everything from a few class projects to a full gradebook in time!

What is LiFT Learning?

LiFT Learning is an adaptable learner-driven technology to teach and assess mastery of skills through interdisciplinary projects and competency-based portfolio assessment. But it’s also our team of support throughout onboarding and implementation to optimize the platform to your school’s unique needs.

Is it an LMS?

Yes and No! LiFT can deliver the full learning lifecycle from creating curriculum to managing assignments, giving feedback, storing artifacts, monitoring progress, assessment, grading, and reporting. It can also supplement your existing system when a more learner-centered, learner-driven experience is required.  Whether you decide to use LiFT as your primary learning platform or to make your existing technology ecosystem more learner-centered, LiFT offers a variety of integrations to ensure a seamless user experience.

Does LiFT Integrate?

As the first step to streamline your experience, LiFT offers Single Sign On (SSO) with most major LMS and SIS systems including Google, Clever, Powerschool, Canvas, Schoology, Blackbaud, and others. LiFT’s Google Drive integration also allows teachers to easily assign Google templates to students. LIFT automatically creates a copy of the template for each student and handles the permissions as work is submitted, reviewed, and revised. Roster syncing is also available through multiple pathways including Clever. Check out some of the available integration options here, or give us a call to discuss a particular integration that you need.

What’s included?

When you choose LiFT, you get our team of implementation specialists along with our learning platform. We will partner with you to best understand your instructional model, skills framework and goals, and then we’ll work with you to design and implement your ideal skills framework, providing examples and making recommendations to help save you time and effort during your school’s implementation phase. With LiFT, you also receive a comprehensive set of tools to ensure success, including Facilitator Guides, Virtual Trainings, an online knowledge center, and personalized support. Throughout the journey, we will schedule consistent check-ins to resolve problems, stay aligned on vision, and adapt the platform to your school’s ongoing needs.

What are school leaders’ favorite features of LiFT?

LiFT helps school leaders simplify the process of transition to a CBE or PBL model by aligning instructional design across teachers and classrooms and enabling a shared understanding of learner-centered approach for a smooth implementation process. 

What are teachers’ favorite features of LiFT?

Many of our teachers share that it is a helpful tool to organize and pace student projects, helping students know each step of a project, organize their evidence of learning and pace themselves. They also enjoy how user-friendly providing feedback is on the platform. Teachers can edit student documents, send it back for revisions, and include additional comments.

How long does onboarding take?

Once you choose to partner with LiFT, we will customize a timeline that aligns with your school’s culture and context. If you already have an established culture of PBL and / or CBE and a skills framework in place, the process can take as little as 2-4 weeks to get your teachers trained and students starting to work on projects in the platform. If your school requires more support, we can develop a custom schedule to get you started and provide wraparound services to fully implement LiFT in support of your learner-centered community.

Is Professional Development Included?

The LiFT learning implementation team will get your team up and running, and continuous support through the online Help Center and quick customer service will keep your team going. Customizable Professional Development services are included for Premier and Enhanced clients, and available upon request for others.

What does LiFT cost?

LiFT Learning is committed to supporting schools to find funding sources for our platform’s integration into their learning environment. Because LiFT offers comprehensive support to schools including Professional Development, ongoing coaching, and customization, there are several federal funding avenues to explore. Contact our team here for further assistance and a personalized quote!