We solve the key challenges schools and districts face when building and sustaining learner-centered systems.

The LiFT TM portfolio assessment platform makes competency-based grading possible, practical, and fun.

Portfolio Assessment: Unlock Learning Everywhere

Document and Assess In-School and Out-of-School Learning to Ensure All Learning Counts

Skills at the Center: Empowering Education

Sharpening the Competency Framework for Greater Equity and Student Empowerment

Dynamic Support: Expert-Led Transformation

Partner with Our Experienced Team to Create a Customized, Learner-Centered Education Model

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LiFT has been an amazing part of our journey empowering teachers and learners!

Monica White
Co-founder of Elevate Academy (ID)


Connect with us to discuss how your school can use these PBL and CBE best practices to move towards greater equity, agency, engagement, and instructional coherence.

We are committed to delivering on the promise of student-centered learning

We support schools transitioning to a learner-led approach. Our team works with schools and districts through systems change offering personalized solutions and a network of like-minded educators. Our growth partnerships with districts, schools, and organizations are defined by authentic relationships, sustained by open communication, and grounded in practical solutions.

Each journey is different, it starts with a conversation


We take the time to understand your school vision and culture, instructional model, and skills framework in order to build a strong and lasting partnership.

Strategic & Tactical

We understand the educational change process, and will work with you to optimize the platform and implementation to meet your evolving needs.


We’ll work with you to design and implement your ideal skills framework, providing guidance and recommendations from our community of learner-centered schools that will save valuable time and effort.

Training &

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your success with LiFT, including Facilitator Guides, Virtual Training, and easy to navigate Help Desk


We make sure we stay aligned with your vision with frequent check-ins. Consider the  LiFT Learning team as your thought partner, sounding board, connector, and resident problem solver.


We strive to solve real problems of practice and value your ideas to uplift learning. If there are custom features that will improve delivery on your mission, we can build them to your specifications