LiFT Learning Platform

LiFT® Enables Entirely New Levels of Student Voice, Choice, and Self Direction.

Unleash the power of project-based learning and portfolio assessment to ensure all learning counts with LiFT.

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Project Library

Track real-world learning with authentic assessment in one integrated package

Project Builder

Everything you need for high quality project design and assessment

Class Module

Manage the learning, from artifacts and feedback to assessment and reporting

Combined Portfolios

Organize learning by each essential skill, wherever and whenever it happened

Templates for high-quality project-based learning, optimized for learner agency and self-directed learning.

Project Library

Project Library

Track Real-World Learning with Authentic Assessment in One Integrated Package

  • Create and Manage Projects
  • Customizable Skills Framework
  • Evidence of Learning Tagged to Skills

Create high-quality projects clearly mapped to competencies so learners can see how activities connect to essential skills.

Project Builder

All the necessary ingredients for Project-Based Learning design.

  • Learner Agency
  • Competency Mapping
  • Flexible Assessment Settings

Communicate through an intuitive feedback loop that centers on mastery of essential skills.

class module feature

Class Module

Manage activity within each class, from artifacts and feedback to assessment and reporting

  • Class Projects
  • Class Portfolios
  • Class Outcomes

A Combined Portfolio for every competency brings all the data into one place for a complete record of the learning journey.

Combined Portfolios

A dedicated portfolio for every essential skill combines artifacts and assessments from all settings to enable authentic assessment

  • Curate
  • Calibrate
  • Assess
Combined Portfolio

LiFT Support & Services

Dedicated support is part of our culture and is included for everyone. Get up and running quickly with our complete training, resources, and unparalleled support.

  • The LiFT platform, in combination with our tiered Learning Lab services that support professional development, instructional coaching, and framework development allows schools and districts to confidently design and implement their unique learner-centered system.
  • We’ll work together to help you realize your goals, from planning your roadmap to consistently utilizing learner-centered best-practices and celebrating success as your learners build essential skills and learn how to learn.
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