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The Lift Learning CBE Accelerator

A learner-centered, competency-based approach holds incredible promise for greater equity, transparency, and achievement. However, implementing CBE poses unique challenges and requires dynamic shifts across various segments and levels of a system. That's where LiFT's unique CBE Accelerator comes in.

Deeper Learning

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Our accelerators help educators, school leaders, and teams move forward with facilitated planning and support in the areas of instructional practice, policy, and learner-centered culture.

Target Key Components of Competency-based Education

Learner-Centered Culture

Through continuous improvement, systems are built on a foundation of relational trust promoting transparency, collective teacher efficacy, and learner agency.

School leaders support classroom educators to guide and empower learners to chart their learning pathway.

Adaptable Skills Framework

Tiered academic goals and personal success skills transcend siloed classes allowing educators to drive personalized instruction and students to transfer knowledge and concepts.

Relevant and rigorous expectations scaffold learning experiences that flex based upon relevant learner interests and passions.

Personalized Instructional Design

Equitable pedagogical strategies allow learners to advance at their own pace upon demonstration of desired outcomes.

The assessment feedback cycle is timely, meaningful, and positive.

Our experienced facilitators will guide you every step of the way, whether you're just starting out or seeking to refine your current approach. From exploration to design and refinement, we'll work together to create a personalized model that addresses your specific 'problem of practice'.

Yes, please contact us with more information about the CBE Accelerator!

Choose to Focus on What Matters Most on Your CBE Journey

During 1 hour weekly sessions, you and your team will gain personalized support and resources within a small cohort of like-minded leaders and educators. Walk away inspired, energized, and informed with a clear and attainable plan of action.

Student Centered Organizational Shifts Learning Shifts

Customize your CBE Accelerator or use our "Foundations of CBE" template.

Change - Understanding systems, culture and your “Why?”

Viewing the role of culture in the systems change process, you unearth/revisit your “Why?” for change.

Looking at various influencers of change, using the Knoster modelof effective change,we unpack how systems are designed to get the results they do.


Shifts in teaching, learning and the learner.

Explore policies, pace of instruction, and the role of assessment to give you a more intentional review of your shifts around leadership, teaching & learning, and the role of the learner.

Core Components

of CBE

Review the 5 core components of CBE with an emphasis on personalized learning. Start to articulate your “Why?” as a problem of practice based on the interrelationships of the core components as defined by the Aurora Institute.

Identify purposeful pathways

Understand the purpose and process of a readiness assessment and consider, “Where in your sphere of influence is there an opportunity to make a change?” If ready to make a change, use the provided tools and strategies to make the shift and assess the impact.

Growth model, feedback cycle, student-centered design.

Building a student-centered system with agency, equity, and continued growth at the center requires a
working knowledge ofthe impact each lever of change may have on others. Using PBL as a model for delivery of instruction, you identify microshifts for implementation.

Align to policy, practice, and public will

As you conclude the Accelerator, collaborative activities help you refine your chosen pathways and action plans to ensure success when the “rubber meets the road”.

Engage with Our Trusted Partners to Explore a Specific Focus

CBE Solutions

CBE Solution's competency based framework guides districts along a reflective journey through the essential components of CBE to support the shift to a personalized, relevant, and rigorous system of teaching and learning.

Open Way Learning

Open Way Learning is on a mission to co-design innovative school cultures driven by their vision that every learner can change the world. Innovative schools empower that change to happen now.







Contact us to co-design a 6-week accelerator that best supports you on your CBE journey.

Yes, please contact us with more information about the CBE Accelerator!