We provide comprehensive services to schools and districts embracing learner-centered systems.

Learner agency, self-directed learning, competency-based models and authentic assessment are at the core of our mission to empower learners.

Wherever you are in the cycle of learner-centered design, planning, implementation, and iteration, we can help.

Site Based Readiness Audit

We capture a complete systemic view of both the internal and external factors of your current organization and systems.

  • We identify your strengths, challenges, and next steps in a full site report.
  • All data and evidence collected are shared with action items and strategies for your growth and improvement.

Cross District Training

With a relationship-based approach, we integrate existing initiatives to remedy a ‘one more thing’ mindset and build momentum.

  • We strategically accelerate and deepen your implementation plan across stakeholders.
  • We customize and implement a Professional Development plan aligned to your existing strategic plan.

Coaching & Support

We provide coaching follow-up sessions, in person and virtually.

  • In-person work with teachers in their classrooms to observe and conference with students, collect data, and offer targeted feedback.
  • Personalized support for teachers to successfully implement tools and strategies gained from professional development.

Aligning Instructional Design

We help teachers utilize a learner-led approach

  • Engaging learners with projects mapped to competencies or skills.
  • Workshops, coaching, and platform implementation.


Mapping Standards & Competencies

We facilitate the alignment between your academic and personal competencies and standards.

  • Generate a personalized Competency Learning model.
  • Provide transparency and build agency for students with a cohesive skills framework.

Live Training & Support

Whether in-person or virtual, the LiFT Learning team is standing by and continuous learning programs, on a rolling basis, are made available.

  • We provide differentiated focus areas, such as:
    • CBE implementation
    • PBL instructional design
    • Operation of a Portrait of a Graduate.