Quickly and confidently put your learner-centered vision into practice with a flexible learning platform designed to grow with you.

LiFT® delivers collaborative projects and portfolio assessment to elevate the learning and ensure all learning counts.

A powerful day-to-day learning platform, LiFT is also effective for professional development. Teams can use LiFT as a space to design new projects, calibrate assessments, and build a shared understanding of learner-centered practice.

LiFT Projects

Traditional learning technology can make learner centered and driven projects notoriously hard to manage. Engineered specifically to handle unique learning pathways, LiFT helps you maximize learner agency without sacrificing productivity.

Promote learner self-direction and independence with interdisciplinary, collaborative projects.

  • Learners can add their own action steps to your content.
  • Teachers can personalize projects for learners who may need something different.
  • Learners can create their own projects from scratch - perfect for passion projects, independent study, capstones, and personalized learning plans.

Communication is key, and LiFT offers a clear feedback and revision cycle.

  • Teachers and learners can communicate using chat-style feedback tied to specific learning targets.
  • Email notifications accompany feedback and revision requests to keep everyone in the loop.
  • A class forum keeps your asynchronous learning community connected.
  • Let learners know where they stand by rating evidence with rubrics or numerical scores, or both.

Focus on skills. Measure what matters.

  • Easily map projects to any combination of standards, competencies, or learning targets.
  • One click sends evidence to every skill portfolio it deserves to be in, making multi-disciplinary learning possible, practical, and fun.
  • Scores and feedback tie directly to “I can” statements, keeping the learning focused, transparent, consistent and learner-owned.
interdisciplinary, collaborative projects
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"We spent a year looking for an easily customizable platform to support mastery-based learning pathways in our cross-disciplinary curriculum. LiFT does exactly that. Moreover, the LiFT team has been an invaluable thought partner in helping us create best practices that will allow the structure of our curriculum to grow and adapt along with our school."

Eric Oglesbee, Ph.D., Co-Founder of River Montessori High School

LiFT Portfolios

They get schools like ours

“We chose LiFT both because of the functionality and the way in which they work with schools. It’s clear to me that they get schools like ours.”

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LiFT Learning Skills Assessment

Turn your skills framework into a powerful portfolio assessment system.

In unpredictable times where engagement is a constant challenge and learning doesn’t fit into traditional boxes, LiFT is the easy-to-use portfolio assessment system educators need to ensure that all learning counts.

Whether evidence comes from a school assignment, an extra-curricular activity, on the job, or anywhere else, it all counts on the journey to mastery. More than a flat collection of artifacts, LiFT Skill Portfolios document the growth process for each and every skill, leaving no doubt about what your learners can do both inside and outside of the classroom.

How it works

  • LiFT automatically generates a Skill Portfolio for every competency.
  • As the learning happens, teachers and learners curate evidence in Skill Portfolios.
  • A rubric with clear criteria is embedded in each portfolio enabling a holistic assessment of an entire body of work.
  • Teachers can view a learner’s portfolio in the class context, or more broadly across all terms and classes – perfect to calibrate assessment of competencies.
  • A reporting engine allows teachers and administrators to generate a variety of customized reports from class progress to progress towards graduation.

LiFT 360

Integrate LiFT’s Project and Portfolio features with our full training, support and customization package.

Our experienced team understands that change is a process. We can help manage the effort with regular consultation, coaching and support. We’ll work with you to customize your skills framework and recommend best practices to get you up and running quickly.

With the LiFT 360 package, you get all the standard LiFT features, plus:

  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Implementation planning
  • Proactive communication to make sure things are on track
  • Customized competency frameworks
  • Competency lifecycle management
  • Technical support
  • Extended training opportunities/train-the-trainer
LiFT Projects and Portfolio Skills Assessment
LiFT Learning 2021

Interested in consulting services to support your transition to learner-centered, competency-based education? 

“Our teachers are all at different places in their effort to make our competencies meaningful. What ultimately led to the decision to take LiFT schoolwide was the flexibility for teachers to use LiFT at different levels of depth.”

Lauren Jones, Director of Career and Technical Programs
Greater Lawrence Technical School