Vermont Agency of Education

Vermont Agency of Education AOE

The Agency of Education implements state and federal laws, policies, and regulations to ensure all Vermont learners have equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities. The Agency accomplishes this mission through the provision of its leadership, support, and oversight of Vermont’s public education system. Proficiency-Based Learning is a key component of flexible and personalized pathways set…

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5 Tips to Engage with Underperforming Students

Increasing student achievement in traditional academic outcomes such as literacy, numeracy, and content knowledge is vital for post-secondary success. In recent decades, the definition of achievement has expanded to include essential skills like the 4C’s, Career Readiness, Wayfinding, and Social-Emotional Learning.  This expanded definition of student success has been necessitated and accelerated by many factors,…

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Student-led Learning – The What and How

One of my early attempts at student-led learning was through an extracurricular program outside of the core classes I was responsible for teaching. The inspiration was rooted in introspection. I was experiencing more behavior issues in my core classes and, upon reflection, recognized why. I wasn’t involving students in the creation of our learning experience…

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