Redefining Student Success

redefining student success

  3 Takeaways with Ken Kay & Susie Boss Ken Kay and Suzie Boss have spent their careers working to develop and promote strategies, systems, and structures for schools and districts. Through their respective work at EdLeader21 and PBLWorks, countless educators have implemented learner-centered practices and strategies such as Project-Based Learning and Profile of a…

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What is project-based learning?

project-based learning

A Formal Definition of PBL In order to understand Project-Based Learning (PBL), it is helpful to begin with an agreed-upon definition. PBLWorks offers a research-informed model of Project-Based Learning, Gold Standard PBL, that identifies seven essential project design elements. Within this model, educators adopt a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by…

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Does Project-Based Learning Help Underperforming Students?

Underperforming Students

While traditional learning works for some students, project-based learning (PBL) is especially beneficial for underperforming students, disengaged, and diverse student populations. By connecting students to their learning with hands-on activities and encouraging them to work on topics they choose for themselves, PBL engages students with different needs and helps them relate to the material. The…

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How to incorporate project-based learning

Think of project-based learning as a process that will unfold and develop over time. Project-Based Learning is founded on seven core components many of which are likely already occurring in your practice. Be intentional when incorporating PBL, and see the process as a journey rather than a shift that happens in one day. There are…

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Engage with students through Project-Based Learning

engage with students

When you look back to your school years, what do you remember most? What stands out most vividly for me are the creative projects my teachers assigned and the real-life experiences they shared. In the seventh grade, we designed and furnished an entire house on a given budget. This involved creating and drawing a floor…

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Why is project-based learning important?

why pbl important

Research shows that project-based learning (PBL) is beneficial for all students. By actively engaging students in their learning and putting them in charge, PBL encourages students to address challenging problems or questions through a reflective process developing and devising solutions for an authentic audience. This requires a focus on skill development promoting agency and self-directed…

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The History of Project-Based Learning (PBL)

History of Project based Learning

Project-based education has a long history, although it might seem like a relatively new approach that has become popular only in the last few decades. In this blog we cover the history of Project-Based Learning and share that history visually as we trace the concept of learning by doing back centuries. The Socratic method of…

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PBL & CBE Rubrics: What You Need To Know

PBL Rubrics Chart showing how to support deeper learning.

The creation of frameworks for planning, executing, and evaluating learning outcomes is a necessary part of the educational process.  One of the more common ways to set and assess expectations is through the use of a rubric.  Rubrics are tools that help guide learners through a task, skill, or project and assist in assessing their…

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