Student engagement in the classroom post-COVID-19

I recently read a blog by The Annie E. Casey Foundation called “Reengaging Students Who Lost Their Way During the Pandemic.” It reminded me of Josh. Josh was a student of mine a few years back, his reputation as a rebellious young man preceded him. Our class was primarily 9th graders and, at 18 years-old,…

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Competency-Based Education: Definition and Examples

Environmental Science for Grades 6-12 Book A Project-Based Approach to Solving the Earth's Most Urgent Problems James Fester

In this blog, we will define Competency-Based Education (CBE) and discuss how the essential components of CBE work together to transform learning in K12 schools and districts. We will also examine some of the specific benefits CBE brings to learners, teachers, and communities. Finally, we will present two CBE classroom scenarios with examples. Defining Competency-Based…

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