Webinar Resources: Redefining Student Success

In case you missed it, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Our guest speakers, former CEO of Edleader21, Ken Kay and author and educational consultant, Suzie Boss, discussed key takeaways focused on how to help students develop skills.

How to create a Portrait of a Graduate and Portrait of an Educator

Best practices to sync schools with the demands of 21st century society

Actions need to reimagine schools & address inequities

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Guest Speakers


The future of learning has arrived, and it requires bold educational leadership and a dramatic redefinition of what it means to be a successful student today.

Suzie and Ken recently published Redefining Student Success, which engages leaders with the concepts and actions needed to reimagine schools, address inequities, and help today’s students develop the skills they need for personal, economic, and civic success. This vital guide supports transformative leadership with concrete guidance on how to create a Portrait of a Graduate and Portrait of an Educator, compelling examples of students already engaged in creative, self-directed problem-solving around issues that matter to them and their communities, together with stories that illustrate how districts and schools have arrived at their own vision of what education must become.

The Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Learning

Companion resources for Ken & Suzie's book Redefining Student Success