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Flexible. Agile. Adaptable. That's how leaders describe the LiFT software, and that's how the LiFT Learning team works to support your learner-centered evolution.

“We view LiFT as an exemplar among software solutions supporting school transformation through project-based, inquiry-oriented, agency- and collaboration-building online environments.”

Andy Calkins, Deputy Director, NGLC

“We chose LiFT both because of the functionality and the way in which they work with schools. It’s clear to me that they get schools like ours, which sets them in stark contrast to most off-the shelf gradebooks or learning management systems.”

Mathew Riggan, Co-founder of The Workshop School (PA)

"LiFT has been an amazing part of our Journey empowering teachers and learners! Instead of having to change instruction to fit the LMS, LiFT helps us do what we really want to do. We are so excited for the work we are doing with LiFT!"

Monica White, Co-founder of Elevate Academy (ID)