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Vermont Principals’ Association 2 Prospect Street

Like many Vermont schools, Twinfield Union School has been on a journey from traditional, standards based instruction to a proficiency-based model that emphasizes flexible pathways and learner agency for all students.

Joanna Fowler, High School English Teacher, will discuss the journey - where they began, how they’ve changed, the challenges they encountered, and the successes they’ve enjoyed.

Please RSVP and join us for an informative conversation about learner-centered practice, Proficiency-based portfolio assessment, and project-based learning.

This Lunch & Learn is a chance to connect with colleagues new and old, share perspectives, and ask questions about this important work. Lunch will be served immediately after the talk.

Joanna Headshot
David Lipkin

An informative morning around a learner-led method which emphasizes a portfolio assessment system for Proficiency Based Education built on an infrastructure of project based learning.

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