Welcome to the LiFT Learning CBE Accelerator

A learner-centered, competency-based approach holds incredible promise for greater equity, transparency, and outcomes.  As with any change worth making, implementing CBE comes with challenges from culture building to calibration, from instructional design to buy-in.

This 6-week virtual accelerator is designed to help educators, school leaders and teams meet those challenges. Here you'll find the resources, inspiration, and support to build momentum and advance your CBE vision.

Wherever you are on your journey, however you define CBE, whatever your current 'problem of practice' may be, you'll work with experienced CBE facilitators alongside a small cohort of like-minded educators to explore, envision, design, and refine your unique model.


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Weekly 1 hour small group sessions on a focused topic
Personalized consultation to your vision and needs
Supporting resources on Deeper Competency-Based Learning

We can customize your accelerator focus. Check out the sample flow, below.